Chapter 1. About this handbook

Table of Contents

1.1. Scope
1.2. Authors and Contributors

1.1. Scope

The main goal of this handbook is to serve as a single access point to all kernel-related documentation. It contains the information about the Debian packaging of Linux kernel for versions of Debian from 10 (buster) onwards. The latest released version (in English) is always available from Note that this is a work in progress, and some information is inaccurate.

Some of the commands mentioned in the text must be executed with superuser privileges, either by becoming the root user or by using sudo. To distinguish between commands which may be executed by an unprivileged user and those requiring superuser privileges, commands are prepended by $ or # respectively. This symbol is not a part of the command.

1.2. Authors and Contributors

This handbook is maintained within the kernel-handbook project on Salsa. The SGML source of the book may be checked out from the Debian Git repository. It is intended as a community project, thus all proposals for improvements and contributions are welcome. The preferred way to submit a contribution is to open a merge request on Salsa. When submitting a contribution please clearly identify its copyright holder and include the licensing statement. Note that to be accepted the contribution must be licensed under the same license as the rest of the document, namely GPL version 2 or later. Below is the list of current contributors:

  • maximilian attems

  • Ian Campbell

  • Karl Goetz

  • Ben Hutchings

  • Sven Luther

  • Uwe Kleine-König

  • Jonathan Nieder

  • Andres Salomon

  • Jurij Smakov

  • Tomasz Warniełło

  • Yusuke YATSUO